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Here we gonna represent a nicer way to copy and paste for command prompt,

Usually what  you people do is: Right click, then Mark–>copy—->paste

If you use your command prompt in QuickEdit mode, then you can copy and paste very easily.


1. Go to Run

2. Type cmd, press enter

3.Right click on Title bar

4. Go to Property

5. Click the checkbox for QuickEdit Mode in Option Field

This will make your mark option enable every time, you don’t need to choose mark every time. 🙂 🙂


















Enjoy 🙂 🙂

Yea, its very easy to open command prompt from any location in your computer.

All you have to do is :

Go to any drive and then to any folder, now you want to open command prompt over there which directly shows that folder’s path.


1. Press shift key

2. Then Right Click

3. See. there is ‘Open command window here

4. Click on it.













Enjoy 🙂 🙂



Yes, its very easy to save an output of command prompt to a file.. 🙂

Here is a simple command by which you can perform this.

your-command > Directory name:\name of file you wanna save to



getmac > D:\mac.txt








Enjoy .. 🙂

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Now you can merge or join music MP3 files with the help of command prompt.

just take an example :

you have two files in a folder name ‘Music’ on desktop, you want to join both files.

Steps are very easy:-

1 Open Run

2. Type cmd

3. Go into the folder where it files are kept

4. type “copy /b *mp3 mixx.mp3” (without double quotes)

5. you will see a message below that 1 file copied, means to say your job is done. 🙂

1. View a Command’s Results One Page or Line at a Time–> command name |more

eg. dir s/ | more

2. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator Automatically –>

a) Create a shortcut of command prompt

b) Right Click ‘Go to Property’

c) click on Advanced

d) Click on ‘Run as Administrator Box’

3. Command Prompt Power User with Function Keys–>

        F1: Pastes the last executed command (character by character)
        F2: Pastes the last executed command (up to the entered character)
        F3: Pastes the last executed command
        F4: Deletes current prompt text up to the entered character
        F5: Pastes recently executed commands (does not cycle)
        F6: Pastes ^Z to the prompt
        F7: Displays a selectable list of previously executed commands
        F8: Pastes recently executed commands (cycles)
        F9: Asks for the number of the command from the F7 list to paste

4. Prompt itself a command–> 

eg. prompt Itsme

5. Get Help for Any Command–> help

6. Change the title of command prompt–> title Itsme

7. Save a command’s output to a file –>

eg. systeminfo > D:\info.txt

8. View your entire Directory Structure –>

eg.  tree

9. Copy from command prompt–>

a) Right click anywhere in command prompt

b) choose Mark

c) Now, highlight with your left mouse button whatever you’d like to copy.

d) Once your selection is made, press Enter

All you need is to have an  Active Internet Connection 🙂

1. Go to run

2. Type run

3. Press enter

4. Type  telnet

5. Enjoy the movie. 🙂