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Google gave us  a beautiful christmas gift to all of us in advance …. Do you know?

Lets check it out.

1. Go to

2. Type let it snow

3.Press Enter

4. See the magic

Enjoy. 🙂 🙂


If you want to open your two or more than two account in google talk then you can do this by just following the steps given below :-

Steps are:

1. Right click on google talk icon

2. Go to property

3. In target field replace startmenu by nomutex

4.Click on apply

5.Press Ok

Now easily you can open multiple google talk windows and login with different accounts. 🙂 🙂

Sometimes your web browser gets crashed due to some reason, but what to do that time if you want to check an important mail? Today when I was surfing Internet came through a trick which shows how to surf internet through calculator.

just follow these simple steps to surf internet through calculator –

  • Type calc in the run box.
  • Now press F1 button.
  • HTML dialog box will appear there just right click on the icon available at the top left corner of the dialog.
  • Jump to URL option, a small dialog will open.
  • Just type the site address (URL).
  • Done, enjoy surfing from calculator.