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Check used HANA Heap Memory

Below query will let you know the current heap memory being used by the HANA:








select round ((sum(heap_memory_used_size)/sum(heap_memory_allocated_size))*100,2) “HEAP_MEMORY_USED_PERC” from m_service_memory

Try it 🙂


Below commands will let you create a workspace in HANA.









Command 1:
hdbuserstore set sidkey SYSTEM ********

Command 2:

regi create workspace sidwsp –key=sidkey


hdbuserstore set zttkey SYSTEM hUToLp

regi create workspace zttwsp –key=zttkey



Enjoy 🙂

Here’s the command by which you can clear up HANA logs or other logs which are older than the numbered days(value you put).









find /hdb/ZTT/backup/log -type f -name “log_backup*” -mtime +50 -exec /bin/rm -f {} \;

You might want to set this as a cronjob and get over the manual deletion of logs.

Try it out 🙂

Here’s the one line command by which you can recover HANA system with specified backup:





 –command “RECOVER DATA USING FILE (‘/hdb/ZTT/backup/data/ZTT-20141029-092054’) CLEAR LOG”

Note: here we are recovering the system with the backup: /hdb/ZTT/backup/data/ZTT-20141029-092054

Try it out 🙂

If you want to install HANA server in just one go, execute the command as root mentioned below:

./hdbinst –sid= –number=XX –hostname=vadbsid –datapath=/hdb/SID/data –logpath=/hdb/SID/log









SID= System Identification Eg: ZBB

XX= Instance ID ( 00 to 99)

Enjoy 🙂