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Show windows 7 Menu Bar

Windows 7 has a Menu Bar but it is always hidden, whenever you open My Computer or Windows Explorer, it should be shown over there, but for this we have to make it visible.

For this we have two methods:

Method 1

1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer

2. Press ALT key

3. Menu Bar will be shown

But when you release ALT Key, Menu Bar will be disappeared.


Method 2 :


1. Open Windows Explorer

2. Click on Organize

3. Go to Layout

4. Select Menu Bar

5. Press OK


Now Menu Bar will be shown forever until you change.


Enjoy 🙂


If you want to map a drive then follow the simple steps:


1. Open my computer

2. Click on Tools

3. Click on Map a Network Drive

4. Select a Drive Name eg. Z:

5. Browse the folder or specify the location

6. Click on Reconnect at logon checkbox

7. Click on Finish


Enjoy 🙂

Here we have some amazing keyboard shortcut:

1. alt+upkey : Use in a folder to go back

2. alt+downkey:  Use in a folder go forwar

3. Alt+Right – Go forward

4. Alt+Left– Go back

5. Alt+D – Focus the address bar and select the current path.

6. F4 – Pop up the dropdown in the address bar, actually somewhat useful.

7. Alt+Enter – Properties of the selected file

8. Ctrl+Mousewheel – change the size of the icons

9. F11 – Put explorer/mozilla into Fullscreen mode.


Enjoy 🙂


Now you can unlock the God Mode folder in windows 7.

Its not a mode actually, its a folder where you’ll find everything like Action Center, Administrative Tools, Autoplay, Backp and Restore and etc. Its good to get everything in one folder. 🙂 🙂



Its very easy 🙂

Follow the steps given below…

1.Create a folder in your computer (in any drive).

2.Rename the folder with the text GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

3. Press Enter.

Enjoy 🙂 🙂