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Passwordless Authentication via SSH

Passwordless Authentication:

Password Less Authentication using SSH:

1. PuttyGen: generate both public and private keys

2. Save the private key on your PC

3. Go to server, create .SSH directory

4. Under this create a file named authorized_keys

5. paste public key in here and save it

6. Go to your Superputty, Tools, putty config, in SSH Tab in left corner, then Auth… browse your Private key here.

You’re good to go 🙂


SSH Troubleshooting In Linux

If you have problem in SSH, like it says

ssh: connect to host port 22: connection refused

Follow the steps to troubleshoot this problem:

1. Check SSH Status(service sshd status)

  -> if it is unused then 
          start it service sshd start


  -> if its running and still you can't do ssh then
          go to /root/.ssh
          vi known-hosts
      Clear all the content of known-hosts then restart ssh(service sshd restart)